Work Submission

If you’d like to send some of your work for the magazine (either for consideration in a print issue or for use on our blog), please get in touch through email:

Every submission will get checked and considered and you will receive an answer. However, we do get a large number of submissions so please be patient while we get to yours.


How long does delivery take?
We ship orders once a week with OML shipping from Berlin, Germany. Shipping within the EU usually takes 2-7 working days, to North America and Australia/NZ 7-15 working days and maybe a bit longer to the rest of the world. I you don’t receive your order in time, please contact us

How much is shipping?
Shipping costs within Germany are 1,45 Euro and international shipping costs are 3,45 Euro.

Do you ship worldwide?
Yes, we do. Please make sure your shipping address is completely accurate to avoid delays!

Can I track my shipment?
At present, you can only do this if you are a MC1R wholesaler.

Do subscriptions renew automatically?
Not at the moment. If you want to continue receiving MC1R, make sure you renew your subscription each time.

Is there a digital version of the magazine?
Only from the first print issue in German. You can find it at Amazon for Kindle. This will be the only digital issue we make.

How often do you publish new issues?
In 2015 we are planning to publish 2 issues. MC1R will come out every 6 months.

Will you reprint sold out issues?
We certainly will if the demand is high enough. Reprints are costly so we need to print a large number to keep it affordable.