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MC1R Magazine #3 (English edition, 160 pages, incl. free worldwide shipping):

The third issue of MC1R magazine can be yours for just 16 Euro. Be part of something and help us build a great future for our magazine, order your copy today! If you don’t want to miss out on forthcoming issues, be sure to set up your three-issue subscription. 

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With interviews, projects, art and photographs from: Iga Drobisz, Larsen Sotelo & Faith Picozzi, Anna Tea, Jennifer Medina, Swantje & Linus Wördemann, Natasha Culzac, Jake Hold & Katrina Lilwall, Jacky Colliss Harvey, Thomas Sing & Lily Newmark, Mark Elzey, Birte Mühlhoff, Nurit Benchetrit, Jessica Shailes, Emma Kelly, Elisabeth Ness, Alerte Rousse, Enno Lenze, Brandon Connelly, Max Weinland, Britta Thie, Sam Barker, Mathilde & Nikita, Neelam Khan, Brian Bruno, Janneke de Kort, Nathan Wyburn, Patrick Kyle and Alessandra Genualdo

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