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If you want to report about MC1R on your instagram, blog or Facebook pages, we have prepared some content and a media kit with images in different sizes for you! Feel free to use them for your next report! If you have more questions about the project, please contact me at

Questions to the publisher Tristan Rodgers about MC1R:
All the questions about MC1R

Press and Media Kit for Blogs, Facebook and Instagram:
Press- and Media kit via Dropbox

Brand Cooperation

If you want work with us like on an Advertorial, or if you want to spread your brand on our digital or print channels, please check out our media guideline. We are happy to hear from you.

Media kit for brands (Short, English)

Media kit for brands (Long, German)


For all submissions, please use and if you want to give feedback on our project, please use or the contact form!