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Welcome to the "MC1R The magazine for redheads". We'd like to introduce you to our newest releases for the redhead community 👨🏻‍🦰🙌🏻👩🏻‍🦰 We take care that all our products are produced in the most premium and sustainable quality you can get. Due to the fact, that MC1R is an independent publishing project, we only offer a small amount and limited editions only to all products. So be aware to get your limited piece now.


👨🏻‍🦰👩🏻‍🦰 MC1R Magazine is the only print magazine for redheads worldwide
📸 New: The 2022 MC1R blow up issue 7 is available now
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🌍 Worldwide shipping for all our products
🙌🏻 Our all over community has already over 75.000 people



Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we do. Make sure your shipping address is correct!

What are the shipping and packaging costs?

Due to Covid-19 and global economic effects after the aggressiv Russian war against Ukraine, we have to change our international shipping costs.

Within Germany: 2,90€
(We offer free shipping in Germany on all orders over 30€.)

Within the European Union: 4,90€
(We offer free shipping within the EU on all orders over 50€.)

Switzerland: 6,90€

Rest of the world: 8,90€

How long does delivery take?

We send orders out once a day until 12 o'clock from Germany. So if you order before 12, you can be sure your order will get sent out at the same day.

Shipping within Germany takes 2-3 days. Within the EU / Europe usually it takes 3-5 working days, to North America and Australia/NZ 7-10 working days and a bit longer to the rest of the world.

Will you reprint sold out issues?

We can’t reprint a sold out issue in due to the high paper costs and the fact, that it's only possible to reprint a magazine from 1.000 copies or higher. So take care to buy your limited issue of MC1R now.

Is there a digital version of the magazine?

Only the first issue is digital in English and German. It will be the only digital issue.


"MC1R is a magazine for redheads, and its huge scope of content and imagery makes it hard to believe that no one has ever thought of the concept before"

Jeremy Leslie, founder of MagCulture

"This is no flash-in-the-pan, gimmicky mag, it’s a serious publication created to honour those with the special DNA that makes them part of the ginger gang"

Liv Siddall, editor at It's Nice That

The first MC1R film

The first MC1R short film is online on now on Youtube!

"Zusammenschneiden" - Directed by Ricarda Brieden

Watch it now 🎥