MC1R Magazine #2

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MC1R Magazine #2 (English edition, 100 pages):

The second issue of MC1R magazine is already sold out.Β 

With interviews, projects, art and photographs from: Bart Rouwenhorst, Giovanni Lipari, Robin Hinsch, Phillip GΓ€tz, Tim Bruening, Paul PΓΆtsch, Jens Kaesemann, Hattie Watson, Alexander Trattler, Marleen Lohse, Alina Asmus, Michelle Marshall, RΓΈdhΓ₯d, Anthea Pokroy, Ryle Kelly, Christian Bendel, Ceyhun GΓΌney, Thomas Knights, Martin Riedel, Henriette Hell, Alexandra Michels, Max GrΓΌterung,Β  Lennart Efsing and Nicolas SatgΓ©.