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Alejandra Stopped Hiding Her Freckles To Show That Real Beauty Knows No Standards

When Alejandra Savoia looks into the mirror she sees her 24 year old self. It’s a familiar face she knows for as long as she can remember. But whenever she goes out on the streets, she makes heads turn. It’s because the advertising consultant based in Barcelona, Spain has more freckles than most people have. After some tough times hiding herself from the public, she quit doing that and decided to post a picture on Facebook – and it went viral. We met her to talk beauty standards, body positivity and felt in love with her confidence.

What is your individual definition of beauty?
   The ability that some people have to make you laugh and make you feel better. 
Does it sometimes feel like people care more about your freckles than about who you really are?
   I am disturbed by the discipline and formative decoration I sense in this word.
Ok, that I understand, but we still have to pin you down.
   Yes but it’s fine since I don’t really care and quite often I have the opportunity to introduce myself and talk about other interesting things besides the freckles.
Do you like yourself the way you are and if yes, do consider your self as a role model for others?
   Yes, but I do not consider myself a role model. I think it’s okay to get inspiration from other people without giving up who you really are.
Do you think you’re still getting better as it goes, or your peak is now in the past?
  I perceive the improvement. I am not sure if I am getting better, but honestly, I don’t see myself aiming for the better.
Do you think that being a woman has an influence on how people treat you or what they see in you?
  Yes, since we live in a patriarchal society in which, for a long time, the image of women has been sexualized and objectified.
How do you feel about the attention you get now that the internet saw your pictures? And how is the feedback you get?
  Up to date I am still impressed. People from around the world began to text me and show me their freckles as well. I am very happy to have published them and met so many people with the same skin condition.
Do you sometimes regret that you published the pictures?
  I don’t. Never. I do not regret anything I have done. Everything happens for a reason. Actually, I think that I needed to publish them to show the world who I really am.
Do you sometimes feel that people treat you like a circus attraction?
  People are curious about anything that is out of the ordinary. However I never felt bad about it.
What would you advise people who have a similar, unique visual appearance to do?
   It is easy to talk without knowing each case but my suggestion if it is for an aesthetic reason, is stay as you are. We must accept ourselves and take care of our body which is our vehicle through our lives. In the end, it is only skin. My freckles have been part of me all my life and actually, I do not see them when I look at myself in the mirror. It’s just me.
What if a big fashion brand offered you a model contract for an international campaign would you accept?
   Yes, as long as the values of the brand are aligned with my ideas. Do you feel like the social media is a good tool to challenge the standards of beauty we have by showing more diversity? Yes, it is. There is total freedom to share all these contents as they aren’t linked to an editorial or a brand communication need. Social media helps to share and make visible a lot of interesting content apart of what we are used to see.
What helps or inspires you to be so self-confident?
   It took me a while to be so self-confident but there are two things that made it possible: my career and solo travel. I like to focus on projects and work hard till I see results, this gives me the evidence that I am doing things correctly. I also like to travel alone, this helps me to feel free and to know my very inner side and understand my deepest feelings.
MODEL: ALEJANDRA SAVOIA @alejandrasavoia


  • David S.
    Jan 03, 2019 at 12:10

    What a beautiful young lady, her beauty comes from within. Having inner peace and understanding of “Who” sh is – show in those beautiful eyes 👍🏼


  • Ann Lantolf
    Jun 06, 2018 at 21:20

    Beautiful photography


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