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Stunning Redhead Portraits By Maja Topčagić

The accomplished beauty photographer Maja Topčagić from Bosnia-Herzegovina has photos of all sorts, but her redhead portraits are eye-catching and had an amazing international success. We had a short chat with the model, Asyma Sefic, of the stunning redhead series: 

How old are you and where do you come from?

I am 20 years old and I’m from Bihac, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

When and where did you and Maja meet?

Maja was looking for a redhead model in 2013 and I was referred to her by a mutual friend. We met up for coffee once and immediately started shooting as I was what she was looking for to meet her portfolio.

Do you aim for a carreer as a model?

In the beginning I was only 16 years old and when Maja approached me it was something I did for fun. However, when I saw the response the photos brought from sources such as Vogue Italy, 500 px from Canada and from the thousands of social media followers I realized there could be a potential career for me in modeling. I was fortunate enough that my father saw potential in me and supported me to reach out to a modeling agency in Zagreb. Through this agency I had the opportunity to do castings with contacts from Milan, Paris, and London. This experience has been an eye opening journey and I couldn’t be happier for all the support from family and friends to follow my dream.

How do you feel being the face of a worldwide-known photo series regularly spread viral?

I would feel honoured to represent such a highly reputable photo series, as well as to represent other red heads, and Bosnian women.

Did you ever imagine a success of the photo series like this?

I have only dreamt of it, but after the responses gained recently I am starting to realize the potential reality of success in this career path.


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